What Your Year 5 Child Needs to Know

Fundamentals of a Good Year 5 Education (Core Knowledge UK)


Editor: E.D. Hirsch, Jr.
UK General Editors: Robert Whelan and Tanya Lubicz-Nawrocka
October 2013

What Your Year 5 Child Needs to Know is the fifth in the series of six books—one for each year—for parents, home educators, teachers and children to enjoy. See below for a selection of the varied topics and activities it includes.

Language and Literature:

language and literature owl
  • Poetry, including: ‘The Pobble Who Has No Toes’‘A Tragic Story’ and many more including ‘Sky in the Pie’ by Roger McGough and ‘The Lady of Shalott’ by Alfred, Lord Tennyson.
  • Stories, Legends and Myths, including: ‘The Fire on the Mountain’ an Ethiopian folk tale; ‘Sir Gawain and the Green Knight’ adapted from a fourteenth century poem; ‘The Happy Prince’ adapted from the story by Oscar Wilde and an excerpt from ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ by Jonathan Swift.
  • Learning about Literature and Language, including Active and Passive Voice Parts of SpeechWriting and Research and much more.
  • Familiar Sayings, including: ‘Live and let live’; ‘As the crow flies’; ‘Bury the hatchet’; ‘Breaking the ice’ and ‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket’.

History and Geography:

history and geography owl

Visual Arts:

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music owl


maths owl


science owl
  • The Human Body, including: The Heart; The Blood Vessels; Our Blood and Why We Need It; The Lungs
  • Chemistry, including: AtomsMeasuring MassSolutions
  • Geology, including: Layers of Planet Earth; Making Rocks; Earthquakes; Volcanoes; Hot Springs and Geysers; Erosion
  • The Lives of Famous Scientists, including: Michael Faraday; Florence Nightingale; Elizabeth Garrett Anderson; Charles Darwin