What Your Year 3 Child Needs to Know

Fundamentals of a Good Year 3 Education (Core Knowledge UK)

Editor: E.D. Hirsch, Jr.
UK General Editors: Robert Whelan and Tanya Lubicz-Nawrocka
December 2012

What Your Year 3 Child Needs to Know is the third in the series of six books—one for each year—for parents, home educators, teachers and children to enjoy. Read below to see a selection of the varied topics and activities it includes.

Language and Literature:

language and literature owl

History and Geography:

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Visual Arts:

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maths owl
  • Working with Numbers to 100, including: Skip-Counting and TalliesDoubles and HalvesWorking with EquationsFractions
  • Working with Numbers to 1,000, including: Place Value; Expanded Form; Adding Three-Digit Numbers; Subtraction and Regrouping Hundreds
  • Measurement, including: Measuring Length; Measuring Weight and Time
  • Geometry, including: Plane and Solid Figures; Lines and Segments; Lines of Symmetry
  • Multiplication and Division, including: Multiplying Vertically; The Multiplication Table; Brackets: Multiplying Three Numbers; Division Word Problems; Remainders


science owl
  • The Cycle of Life and the Seasons, including: From Seed to Seed: A Plant’s Life Cycle; From Frog to Frog: An Amphibian’s Life Cycle; The Cycle of the Seasons
  • The Water Cycle, including: Evaporation; Condensation and Precipitation
  • Insects, including: What Makes an Insect an Insect?; Insect Life Cycles; A Simpler Kind of Metamorphosis; Social Insects: Ants and Honeybees
  • The Human Body, including: Cells: The Building Blocks of Living Things; Cells and Tissues; Organs and Systems; What Happens to the Food You Eat?; A Healthy Diet
  • Magnetism, including: That Special Magnetic Attraction; Magnetic Poles; Using a Compass
  • Simple Machines, including: Levers; Wheels; Pulleys; Inclined Planes; Wedges; Screws
  • Stories About Scientists, including: Aristotle; Archimedes; Antonij van Leeuwenhoek; The Curie Family